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Hi, we are Dale and Heather Aceron, and this is The Quick and Dirty Marriage. Through our own struggles and victories over the past 20 years of being married together, we are here to show you some simple steps in getting your relationship pointed back in the right direction.

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May 25, 2018

They are around you. Toxic people and toxic relationships. The question is, how do you manage them in a healthy manner?

This article describes 8 Things the Most Toxic People in your Life have in Common. It’s a good article and we think you should read it. Primarily because it allows you to identify certain traits in someone who may be toxic.

If someone in your life is either toxic or has toxic tendencies, we feel that in order to keep the relationship intact as best as you can, is to keep these in mind.

  • Create detailed and specific Boundaries. For example, We can meet, but only for 60 minutes and in a public setting.
  • Get to a place of Forgiveness.  Which is different from saying the offense or behavior is ok.
  • If trust is broken, it must be earned back
  • Remember to do what you need to do in order to keep yourself healthy
  • Support your Partner by listening to their struggles with someone toxic in their life. Avoid jumping on the negative train and blasting the other party. This does not help…at all!