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Hi, we are Dale and Heather Aceron, and this is The Quick and Dirty Marriage. Through our own struggles and victories over the past 20 years of being married together, we are here to show you some simple steps in getting your relationship pointed back in the right direction.

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Jun 20, 2018

Parenting is hard. And it's worse when you hurt your kids. But there's good news. There's always good news. You can say sorry to them and make things right. Not only do you make things right, you also prove to them that your relationship is more important than always being right.

In this Episode, we chat about the importance of creating a habit of saying sorry to your kids when you hurt them, when you screw up, when you mess up and 100 other reasons why you should apologize.

ONE KEY: As often as you can, model an attitude of reconciliation by apologizing to your kids as often as possible.


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